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Born July 08, 1945
Died August 24, 2017

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Joan Anne Costello

Thursday August the 24th, my heart broke as my amazing mum left this world.

Mum told me in January that she had Mesothelenomia and that it was terminal – you think you can prepare yourself but this is never true.

This disease is caused by Asbestos and she was exposed to this from a company that took no precautions and gave no warning for their health and safety. They have no regards to people’s lives.

My mum and Dad met when they were 16. They were married for 43 adventurous years. They married in Geraldton, at the St Francis of Xavier Cathedral on the 16 the of October 1965.

Mum and Dad did everything together – they were truly soul mates
Brett was born in 1966 Paul 1967 and I last but definitely the best born in 1968

Mum and Dad spent many years taking us on holidays all over Western Australia – these were fun filled days and long trips often visiting cousins who lived on stations.

In 1982 Mum and Dad decided we were going to Darwin I think the long plan was we were actually going to travel around Australia – and what a trip that was

Sam, mums dog died on the way of parvo virus we had never heard of this virus

We had to camp at Fitzroy Crossing Roadhouse Floods blocking our way the roads were shut impassable because of floods

I got the pleasure of going to school at the mission I don’t think I have ever recovered from that, that was quite the eye opener

We finally arrived in Darwin

Mum took a job with prouds Jewellers and the love of jewellery grew. Mum didn’t leave the house too often without her bangles earrings necklaces and In later years jewellery was a big topic with 2 of her granddaughters – OMG Nanna - you wear all of this?

We camped everywhere on the weekends seeing waterfalls and fishing; Fishing really wasn’t and still is not my thing.

Mum made friends easily and helped out whoever needed a hand or a meal or bed to sleep in including my friend Elaine, in later years her children called mum Nanna as well. My brothers also brought home mates that need a bed and mum never really minded

There were often 6 to 10 kids asleep in our lounge room when Mum & Dad woke up. Christmases were always family friends and whoever didn’t really have anywhere to go.

Mum taught me how to be strong and always treat people the way I want to be treated

Her love of life and sense of humour always shined – mum was willing to try anything this was reflected when Hibiscus shopping centre opened

There was a competition running mum entered - only thing was you had to sing and the prize was a meat tray. In front of a very large crowd on opening day mum sang waltzing matilda OMG i hid at the back of the crowd

I remember mum and dad taking us and our friends cruising down the wharf we had many laughs

The first time my mum met my now husband Craig we were only I think about 16 he came to our house in Karama mum didn’t give him the third degree she preceded to show him all my childhood photos even the ones he shouldn’t have seen - my mum was always the comedian – I think this may have been from her dad as mum always showed us pictures of our grandad dressed up and told us how he would make people laugh.

When my children were born my son Shannon had 4 cots, mum had collected these from lawn sales I think that love of being brought up in an environment where my grandparents ran a second hand shop - never rubbed off

This was also the same when my Eldest daughter Marita opened mum a Face book account – mum loved the buy sell and swap pages and also like to comment on every status we put up. Bianca my youngest noticed mum would even take our photos this would drive us all nuts

When dad passed away in 2009 - I thought mum would be totally lost without him and wouldn’t be able to cope. Mum as strong as ever picked herself up and lived life to the fullest

Mum made really good friends in the units where she lived and truly cherished all of them Marlene Cheryl Lesley & Pam– hosted birthday and Melbourne cup parties Mum went to seniors week events going on yachts for dinner tours down the track

Mum started doing more gardening and painting all her ornaments in the garden even painted the neighbours ornaments

Mum also joined the bingo making more friends Jan Sandy Mariee and Irene she loved all of her friends but always thought she was the young one

My mum wasn’t your average nanna – she loved music Shania twain pink Kasey Chambers and the dreaded Delta Goodrem – i would often get into her car and be deafened

She loved all of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and step grandchildren and just wanted you all to be happy – she really loved it when you all visited her but loved you all more when you went home and the noise level went down

Mum loved dressing up had to be colourful and the jewellery always matched, She loved to have her nails done and would relax while having a pedicure and a big Thankyou Kim from Imperial nails for always treating my mum like royalty

Speaking of royalty mums dog Bella aka the queen this was mums greatest companion after dad passed away. The bossiest most spoilt dog i know she will miss my mum but Bianca and my grandson Lucas now looks after her.

Mum loved to talk to anyone even the trolley man at woollies or sit on a bench in the shopping centre and just chat to strangers – we could never teach her stranger danger

I took mum to the V8’s and to a Shannon’s car show she tried to pose in front of every car and wanted me to take her picture as well and she didn’t care if anyone was looking at her she just enjoyed herself. I will miss hanging out with my mum who truly was my best friend and the most amazing mum full of love laughter and cheekiness

I know mum would like me to tell everyone about how special a few people are
My Uncle John and Aunty Sandra who always cared loved and supported mum in any way they could even if they don’t know everyone here today most of them know you as mum told everyone how much she loved you both

To another very special person that mum loved, respected & cherished - Brett Paul and I would like to say a very special thank you to Marlene Bennet mums friend and neighbour who tirelessly took mum to all her chemo treatments amongst a wide variety of other help you gave our mum we truly are thankful

Bianca – who spent the last few months walking to my house with Lucas in tow caring for your Nanna when she needed help when I was at work you truly are a strong independent young woman with so much love to give. I’m so proud of how strong you were and not only when Nanna moved in with Craig and I. Thankyou I’m so proud of you

Marita who took Nanna shopping and kept going over to Nannas to help her after work another strong Independent young woman Thank you very proud of you as well

Craig my husband who spent his leave from work at home looking after mum – I thank you for being the strong one when mum passed

I hope I can be half the Mum my mum was with so much love and strength for everyone i will truly miss just ringing you up for a chat or going out to a concert there will forever be a huge hole in my heart and our families

I love you Mum